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Office Furniture plays a big part in Office Renovation Success, Choose It Right!

In the office working environment, choosing the appropriate new Office Furniture is critical. The Office Furniture is an essential elements which speaks about the place. It is like an art piece which creates the office distinctive ambience/view that defines the company’s image or brand, as such it bestow an important statement to every visitor who visits the office.

The type of new Office furniture to acquire depends on the business nature, use, budget and office interior design intention or theme. Therefore, it is often better to engage the help of an interior designer to map or work out the details to propose the type of Office furnitures suitable for your office. If you do not have one, Reno360 will be glad to have our in house interior designer to advise you.

Reno360 supply the Office System Furnitures, Modular & mobile Office workstation desk (Desking or Panel systems) & meeting TableOffice Storage Cabinets and Office Chairs solution to Offices and including home office. We provide top quality off the shelf Office System Furnitures (e.g. half/full height desking or Panel partition system) with various standard dimensions. We also provide customised furniture with excellent craftsmanship. You can expect excellent after sales support service and warranty from us.

These Office furnitures are creative & well designed to enable you to optimise the office workspace to fully make use of the space and offers safety, ergonomic & comfort. We have many color & material options (black, red, white, blue, grey, walnut etc) to go along with your office interior design. They are built to last for years to help you save cost on renewal and maintenance.

According to a news update by Workplace Safety and Health Institute of Singapore on 3rd April 2015 Straits Time, the highest number of accidents happen at workplace is fall. Therefore, it is wise to invest in good quality office furniture to counter such incident. If your office furnitures are showing sign of wear and tear, take action earlier to replace before any safety issue surface.

We don’t have a big showroom to showcase all our products but we could bring sample or demo sets for your view and we may bring you to our client site to view the work & produce delivered as needed. We could meet to discuss at your site and understand your seating plan and layout and work with you on any budgets to get the best value/deal for our latest series of Office Furnitures! 

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Office System Furniture

Reno360 is your Reliable System Furniture supplier in Singapore who carries a wide range of Office system furnitures, build and design to provide flexibility, durability and safety. It comes in two basic style, more enclosed Panel System and more open Desking System, they provide options for business entities of different size and scales to fit their budget, working behaviours and corporate/organisation cultures.

The system furniture comes in different standard size/build that can be combined easily to provide you the flexibility to dismantle and assemble any time in future for any reorganisation or staff movement. You can easily house and hid the power electrical, phone or computer network cables in these panels to make it safe, cluttered free & spacious. These system furniture includes drawer, lockers and cabinets with lock sets to store and secure your books, files and office items. Check with us to explore the options to enhance your working environment, encourage your employees to break the ice and interact while respecting their privacy.

System Furnitures

Modular Office Furniture

Our Office Furniture supplier offers a full & complete range of modern/contemporary eco friendly Office Furnitures and accessories, fully made and assembled in Malaysia. The products were carefully designed to deliver comfort, safety & durability. Click through the list of product categories & collections in the links below:

Custom Made Office Furniture

Want to have an unique workplace and move away from the conventional Office System Furniture? Yes! We have experience in moulding an office with custom-made Office furniture. Some customer may have equipment or machines which requires custom made shelf storage or tables, our carpenter will work closely with you on your specifications. Custom made furniture usually need a longer lead time to deliver, call us early to understand your requirements so that we could propose a quote and lead time. 

What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

If you are hunting for “value for money” Office furniture, don’t waste more time! look or search no further, Reno360 Singapore is the professional who is able to provide you the best value and appropriate Office furniture based on your requirements, needs and budget regardless of whether you are a big pte ltd corporate, small area company or home office. 

Yes, you may easily go online these days to click on internet commercial or online retail shop to find for Office furnitures on sales with cheaper price or even used furnitures. However, most of these online providers do not provide human interactions & close follow up end to end to explain the product and feature. Product quality, origin and warranty are also risk & concerns you need to consider before making the online purchase. Some customers shared with us that they had experience they don’t get the same product they ordered online and the customer service was bad. Therefore, engage a reliable vendor face to face is a wiser choice to make office furniture purchase.

Our range of Office furnitures are direct designed, made and assembled in Malaysia, browse & read our website links above to view the full list or catalogue of the detail products we carry! All our products come with >=1 year warranty.

Our company philosophy is simple. We must offer the best Office Furniture products, solutions and services for our every customer. We care and respect the consumer rights, giving them best value for money without compromising on product qualities, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Call or email us today for a discussion on your requirements and needs! 

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“Reno360 had done a great job in renovating our apartment at The Peak. We were clueless initially as to what theme, colour scheme and design for our home. They comprehended our lifestyle and delivered the design & renovation based on our preferences and budget. They exceeded our expectations in building the safety aspects in the interior design for our 3 years old boy which we would have simply overlooked!”

— Ms Esther Lim, The Peak @ Toa Payoh

“Our retail stall renovation had gone very well with Reno360 Singapore Service. They were friendly, approachable, patient and opened to our suggestions & feedbacks. The overall execution was done perfectly and flawlessly. We will certainly come back to them again if there are more retail outlets to be setup in the island”

— Mr Shafiq, Doughs of Crepes @ Cineslesure Orchard


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