Semi Detached House Design & Renovation

Semi Detached House Design & Renovation

Personalize Your Semi Detached House the way You want.

Having a hard time trying to organize and putting you design ideas together for your Semi Detached House? Semi Detached House Space planning and interior & exterior designing is never an easy task if you are planning to manage yourself, unless you have a keen eye for design or are trained in the interior design domain.

We are all unique individuals with our own hobbies, preferences, background, likes or dislikes. Just as we like to add a touch of individualism in the way we talk, dress or carry ourselves. Your Semi Detached house too can be personalized the way you want! A workable design planning has to incorporate the understanding of your lifestyle needs, character, style concepts and a budget that suits you.

living room interior design

Focal points in the Semi Detached House enhances your lifestyle. 

Creating a focal point of interest in the home, can reflect who you are and what you love. Here are some suggestion:

  • Food lovers – Enhance the kitchen design and ambiance to shows off your culinary skills while exchanging new culinary techniques with guest or friends.
  • Bags or Accessories lover – Display or store like a boutique-style, to keep collection stylish.
  • Fish lover – Setting up a built-in aquarium or fish pond, as a relaxing corner after a tired day.
  • Landscape lover – Beautiful landscaping give refreshing for the eyes. Incorporate with a patio or an outdoor bench, certainly give us a great feeling of being with nature at the door steps.
  • Barbecue lover – Outdoor Barbecue at the back of the house or at the roof terrace.

The list is endless but with a creative interior designer or renovation team, a smart design solutions or a simple remodel to the existing layout, can result in a surprisingly unique, tasteful, stylish and functional semi detached home.

What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

Looking for a good and reliable design and renovation team? Don’t astray. Our contractors who knows well the private semi detached house renovation rules and regulations could meet and discuss with you to understand your renovation requirements and goals with no obligations on your part. We will follow up with a comprehensive & reasonable package that suits your budget and manage the cost within your affordability, with no compromise in quality.

So let our Reno360 Singapore professional team assist you with the Interior Design & Renovation to build your Semi-Detached house to become your dream HOME!

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“Reno360 had done a great job in renovating our apartment at The Peak. We were clueless initially as to what theme, colour scheme and design for our home. They comprehended our lifestyle and delivered the design & renovation based on our preferences and budget. They exceeded our expectations in building the safety aspects in the interior design for our 3 years old boy which we would have simply overlooked!”

— Ms Esther Lim, The Peak @ Toa Payoh

“Our retail stall renovation had gone very well with Reno360 Singapore Service. They were friendly, approachable, patient and opened to our suggestions & feedbacks. The overall execution was done perfectly and flawlessly. We will certainly come back to them again if there are more retail outlets to be setup in the island”

— Mr Shafiq, Doughs of Crepes @ Cineslesure Orchard


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