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It is important for windows to be well furnished. Whether it is for office renovation or home renovation decor, selecting the right material, colour, texture and design for your curtains and blinds contributes or add to a great overall ambience, and all these factors will increase the comfort and value of your property!

However, choosing new curtains and blinds that can fit your preference or budget is not an easy task. The following list are some factors that you can take note of before you embark on some shopping.

  • Light Control & Privacy
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Size of windows
  • Price & budget
  • Design, Styling & Preference

If you wish to have a space with more privacy, or you are looking for something with style, custom made decorative curtains might be the right choice for you. On the other hand, custom made blinds have an edge over curtains when budget or maintenance issues are your priority concerns.


The pointers below give a clear comparison between the pros and cons of curtains and blinds.

Curtains Blinds
  • More Privacy
  • More stylish and a wide variety of designs and colours to match your needs
  • Better sound proofing
  • Better light control to avoid direct Sunlight
  • Easier to clean & maintain
  • Slightly Cheaper
  • Can be installed in most windows regardless of size
  • More difficult to maintain/clean
  • Usually more expensive than Blinds, depending on materials used
  • Less recommended for small or narrow windows, or wet or oily places like bathrooms or kitchens
  • Limited variety or style compared to curtains
  • Roller blinds don’t block out as much light as curtains
  • Less sound proof
  • Roller mechanism subject to wear and tear

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There are many types of window curtains that can be custom-made for every part of your home apartment (e.g. living room, bedroom or audio/visual entertainment room) or office (e.g. training room, receptionist area) or even an art gallery! Different sets of day or night curtains can complement the unique wall designs & furnitures of your interior, and the right product can give you the motivation to work or comfort for rest.

Day curtains are typically made of light and delicate fabric, and are usually translucent in nature to allow more lights to pass through. It will make your place brighter and is also energy saving at the same time. Night curtains are usually made of thicker and heavier fabrics, coming from an extensive range of dark colours to shelter from light and block off exterior view. They are essential for those who prefer to have more of your own space, something that day curtains might not be able to sufficiently provide.

Metal or wooden rod are sturdy materials used for safe installation, depending on the size and weight of curtains, and it needs to suit the interior design. The length of curtains also determines the degree of light or noise that it can impede.

Here is a showcase of some of the range of curtain you may consider for your home.


Types of window blinds commonly include Roller Blind, Vertical Blind, Roman or Venetian Blind and Timber Blind. In recent years, blinds are getting more popular and increasingly used for office and home renovation. 

Blinds are becoming the preferred choice due to its lower pricing, ease in maintenance and it can easily custom made to fit all sizes of windows big, small or narrow. These factors are ideal for office users and home owners who will get to choose from many design patterns, colors and functionalities. Motorized blinds are also a great options to consider for office, restaurant and home use.

Nonetheless, blinds might show signs of discoloring or wear and tear, depending on the fabrics and materials. It is therefore important to make sure that you weigh your options and align it carefully with your budget. Our professionals at Reno360 will be able to share some of their advice when they visit you at your location. They will definitely assist you in search of the best quality and fulfill your wishlist of materials and accessories as much as possible. 

Most Importantly, our specialist offer a special cutting technique that cuts roller-blinds with accuracy and at a rapid speed. Thus this helps to meet project renovation deadlines. In addition, our professional and experience installation team will be onsite to work hand in hand with you or your appointed designers or contractors.

Take a look at some of the window blinds we had delivered:

Roller Blind

How can Reno360 Singapore help you?

Be it curtains or blinds that you would be using, be sure of your needs or the items you want and take note of the specific purpose of your window treatment. We have a variety of curtains and blinds products available, all of which come in multiple designs, colours and materials at a reasonable price and custom made to fit all your windows. 

Reno360 Singapore have had experiences with a broad base of customers, who require assistance in installing curtains and blinds at their HDB or Condominium apartments, terrace, Semi-d, bungalow, office or commercial properties. Our excellent team of well-versed professionals will always be at your call to care for your needs. We only provide the best quality assurance in terms of products and service.

Why choose us?

  • We know our stuff well – More than 10 years of experience in the industry as supplier and installer of curtains and blinds
  • You are our main priority – We liaise directly at your house/office in lieu of having a shop front, proving that we are price-competitive too!
  • You pay what is necessary – Nett pricing inclusive of all installation services, labour and material costs – every detail is fully transparent and value for money with no hidden fees!
  • You choose what you want – On-site selection of materials & accessories to ensure better understanding and a smooth partnering process. You name it, we have it else we will find it for you.
  • We only give our best – Free on-site measurement, consultation & no-obligation quotation
  • Results? You get a custom made curtains and blinds that fit perfect to your windows & satisfaction guaranteed 100%

Lead time

Urgent – 1 week (subject to availability of materials, additional surcharge may apply)

Normal – 2-3 weeks

Contact or drop us an email and we will arrange for a discussion, proposal or quotation!

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“Reno360 had done a great job in renovating our apartment at The Peak. We were clueless initially as to what theme, colour scheme and design for our home. They comprehended our lifestyle and delivered the design & renovation based on our preferences and budget. They exceeded our expectations in building the safety aspects in the interior design for our 3 years old boy which we would have simply overlooked!”

— Ms Esther Lim, The Peak @ Toa Payoh

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— Mr Shafiq, Doughs of Crepes @ Cineslesure Orchard


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