Commercial Interior Design

Ways to Retain Customer Loyalty

Singapore being a food paradise, many new cafes, bars, restaurants and bakery shops have been established across the island in the recent years. Hence making your business bloom and brand boosted is getting more competitive. In order to secure its position, other than serving awesome food, creating a relaxing space where cafe-goers could chill and hang out is helpful in the business achievements.

Designing and renovating a cafe, bar or restaurant is not just about getting the best look. It is all about creating an environment that makes people feels good, comfortable and relax. It is also creating an dining experience that makes people shouts about the awesomeness of your food served and gives your brand a boost!

Other Factors that will help makes your renovation a success

More Singaporean dine out each week and now eat more meals away from home. Dining has become what people do to relax, unwind or meet up during meals.

A successful cafe, bar or restaurant does not only depends on a chic interior, but it also need to integrates with branding, great customer service, efficient operations and a strong identity.

Some tips to consider before you start your new cafe or shop renovation:

  • Define your consumers

Think about the type of consumers that frequent your cafe. Is your cafe near a university where students will probably be your regulars, or a business district that will expect business-executives to dine at your place. Once you have define that, designing the interior space, together with a scrumptious menu will make the food-and-beverage renovation more successful.

  • Scrumptious Food Presentation and Graphic Communication

From gorgeous food presentation, dessert and drinks to scrumptious menu photography is key to the success of the cafe. Creating sumptuous imagery will stimulate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal. With this area well taken care, it gives your brand a boost and your customer will sure to return for their next meal.

  • Signage, a marketing strategy

Your logo and signage is important. It is another way to gain awareness. An interesting and attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competitor. An attractive sign also helps to reinforce   branding, draw customer attention and help them remember your shop well.         

  • Creating ambience

The success of your restaurant does not come from the latest design trend,  however, it comes from creating a unique ambience that diners can only experience in your operation. Diners will return to your restaurant based on the great atmosphere and perfect dining experience that the restaurant created during their visit. Repeat business will follow after being satisfies by the food and services.   Hence, engaging a designer to help you with the ambience creation is necessary.

  • Customer Service

Service and communicating to the guest is as important to a customer as the food itself. A heart warming greeting, smiling and thanking customers are often overlooked by staff. Reinforce on the customer service will sure makes customer return for their next meal. Therefore, the interior design & layout of the area has to make it conducive for people to communicate with ease.

Let Reno360 Singapore Plan with You!

Whether you are planning for a new cafe, a new look to your existing restaurant, relocation of your bar or any other food-and-beverage related renovation. Reno360 Singapore has the capability to help you create or remodel your area that gives the customer a relaxing space to hang out.

Most importantly, our food-and-beverage (F & B) consultancy can include renovation services if you engage our design service. Our interior designer or specialist shall meet you to understand your setup and requirements before they share with you a comprehensive proposal on the planning of your cafe, bar, restaurant or shop effectively!


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