Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Acrylic Sneeze Guard To Prevent Covid-19 in Office

Our Singapore government and frontline medical staff had done a great job in managing and controlling the spread of Covid-19, as a result, we are now in Phase II of Circuit Breaker where more businesses and activities are opening up.

However, as the WHO experts cautioned, the resurgence of Covid-19 can happen if we let our guard down. As responsible businesses and individuals, it is our social responsibility to do our part by practicing social distancing & personal hygiene for the community. 

Hence, we are supplying the Acrylic Sneeze Guard or Acrylic Shield or Divider in Singapore to help to make Office a Safer place to work by enabling social distancing for office dwellers. 


Acrylic Sneeze Guard 1


These Acrylic Sneeze Guards came in standard sizes to fit most office tables/layouts and we also provide customizations if the standard sizes don’t fit well. It makes your workstation safer with aesthetics.


Acrylic Sneeze Guard 2


What Are the Benefits of The Acrylic Sneeze Guard?

Some key benefits of the Acrylic Sneeze Guard or Shield as follows:

  • It can fit into most Office Tables or Reception Counters.
  • It is mobile and can be reusable when you change the layout the office
  • It is transparent and doesn’t affect the office interiors aesthetics.
  • Affordable Cost to install
  • It is Mobile and you can fit in any part of the office
  • It’s easy to clean & maintain

Check these different Types of Sizes of Acrylic Sneeze Guard or Shield which will work well for your office workstations or meeting rooms. 



Check With Us For More Details

Reno360 Singapore carries a wide range of Acrylic Sneeze Guards or Shields in various sizes (i.e. W600. W750, W900, W1000, W1200, W1500, W1800) catering to different office needs and layouts. If standard sizes cannot meet your needs, we provide custom services.

Call and check with our sales representatives for details or Check for more office furniture that we carry


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