Office Privacy Pods

Zero Disruptions Privacy Meeting Pod

Office Space in Singapore is becoming more expensive which triggers most business owners to hire interior designers or space planners to optimize the office space and utilize it to the maximum capacity. 

However, optimizing the workspace is one important area, other factors for consideration would be comfort, privacy & the flexibility to cater to the changing demands of the office users.



That’s where the Privacy Meeting Pod fills the gaps where the traditional system furniture or customization cannot deliver. The Privacy Meeting Pod comes in different sizes ideal for 1 to 1 meetings or small group meetings. It offers a comfortable, private and safe space where the user can focus on their discussions.

It doubles up as a Privacy Office Phone Booth as well.

These innovative Privacy Meeting Pods are perfect solutions to augment office workspaces or shared offices to boost productivity.


What Are the Benefits of Privacy Meeting Pods?

Some key benefits of the Meeting Pods. 

  • Cost savings in avoiding the need to build meeting rooms to cater for different number of people
  • Comfortable with flexible setup for 1-1 or small groups with good ventilation, power & lighting &Phone
  • Zero disruptions with good acoustic and soundproofing 
  • It is Mobile and you can fit in any part of the office
  • It’s easy to clean & maintain


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