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Safe Filing and Secure Storage with our Best Design Office Cabinet

Office Storage Problems Have you been to some office where you saw documents and files lying on tables, chairs or even on the floor below the Office table/desk or workstation which makes the work place untidy and disorganised? Some of these may even post potential safety risk to employees or visitors who may trip over these obstructions. What’s worst that could happen is some documents lying openly may be confidential that may cause information leakages that harms the company. You sure don’t want these scenarios to happen in your office.

Therefore, it is essential to provide sufficient, safe and secure storage system in the office for your employees. This can be easily fulfilled with the right use & combinations of Office cabinets and mobile pedestal. The modern Office cabinets comes with various sizes/volumes for different purposes and most or all comes with lock sets.  For instance, it is better to use metal cabinets which is more sturdy to keep books or files that are heavier in weight while mobile pedestals are ideal for workstations, training, meeting or conference rooms to have flexible placement. 

Besides securing the documents or files, another big benefit of Office cabinet is it helps in maximising the Office space so that you pay less for more space!

How can Reno360 Singapore help you?

Reno360 Singapore carries a wide range of Office Cabinet and accessories for your safe filing, documents and other Office storage. We have wooden or metal Office cabinet which are durable, mobile and inexpensive. These materials adapts well in dry and cool air con room in the office. 

Mobile Pedestal Cabinets

All our new Office Cabinets & furniture are fully made and assembled in Malaysia, carefully designed and manufactured with highest quality assurance to ensure durability and safety for our customers!

Our series of Office Cabinet products comes with many choices of materials, design and features such as

  • Wooden (high pressure compressed wood) or Metal material
  • Variety of colours: white/ light grey/ dark grey/ beech/ black/ cherry/ maple/ walnut for wooden Cabinet, Epoxy Light grey for Metal Cabinet
  • 1mm PVC hard edging trimming to prevent cuts
  • Locking Device with spare keys
  • Swing Door or Sliding Door
  • Chrome Steel or Recessed handles for selected models
  • Ultra Smooth Drawer rails with anti slam Mechanism (optional)

All our Office Cabinet comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Check the different designs and models of Wooden and Metal Office Cabinets below:


Below are some of the different colour selections for our Office cabinet product.

Office Table worktop colours

Still unsure which type of Office storage cabinets suits your office better? Search no further, Email or contact us to schedule an appointment for us to visit your office/home site and our specialist will share with you a proposal base on your budgets and requirements!


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