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Office Partition in Singapore works Effectively in Different Ways!

When we mention Office Partition, It may not only mean the fixed partition that uses for rooms division. With today’s new & modern office design approach, glass panels also play an important role in an office to enhance the overall office layout and ambience.

Be it a flameless glass partition, glass wall product with colours, textured or graphic art images gives the feeling of openness and allow more natural light can penetrate to the interior office space to create a more pleasant working environment to feel at home.

Most of the time these works are under the care of the office renovation team and it usually requires submission of FSSD for fire safety approval. This could be taken care of by our FSSD submission specialist if you appoint us for the renovation work.


Office Partition Singapore


The other type of Office partition is the operable wall that is being used in conference rooms or training rooms. As its name suggests, these are not fixed partition but it allows flexibility of opening up a bigger space or combining two or more spaces into one when required. This kind of office partition allows more space to be utilised for bigger events or seminars where more training, conference or meeting room tables or chairs can be accommodated.

Office Cubical partitions use in Office System Furniture or workstation provide privacy for employees. High panel cubicle wall of maximum 1800mm height, offer more privacy to the executive who does not need room to work in.

Low height panels give employees more interactions space and encourage collaborations. Instead of adjusting the chair to the desired height, the office system furniture table can adjust up and down manually or automatically to cater to individual ergonomics.

Office furniture products such as Office cabinets and mobile Pedestal need to be factored into the workstation plans to ensure sufficient storage needs for the employees at their work desk. We offer a series of Office Furniture products that will go well with your office partitions.


Leave the brainstorming work to our Office Interior Design and Renovation Specialist.

Office Design technology and the system had improved tremendously over the years. Office Partition may not be just a divider as a wall any more, a different type of materials and approach used can shape the Office Space differently.

Therefore partition in an office can do more than it, depending on the Office space planning, Office interior design concept and image an office are trying to achieve. Good Space planning delivers better traffic and airflow for better comfort and safety.

Our Office Interior design specialist or contractor can help you to suggest and show how to incorporate the Office partition usage based on the design approach. Office Partition can design in a curved profile too, sounds interesting right?

For Instance, it is important for the Office partition at the office foyer to cooperate with a company logo for awareness at entry. Glass panels with graphic images for meeting rooms and break-out areas can liven up the ambience of the office too. Wall paint with cooperating colours, wood panelling, stainless steel cladding are some application you may apply depending on the design budget and approach.


How About Using Privacy Meeting Pods To Augment Space & Save Cost?

Instead of constructing conference rooms of different sizes to meet the demand, you have now an option to explore the use of Privacy Meeting Pods which is mobile, easily configured, safe and private for office users. These pods are alternatives to save cost while meeting the needs of the users. 

It offers the flexibility to place it anywhere in the office and cater to a different number of people.


If you are finding this a chore to figure out the “What” and the “How”, search no further, contact Reno360 Singapore and our Office Interior designer or renovation Specialist will work to serve you with the application suggestion to meet your Office partition business goals and objectives. 

We could add or bundle with other quality Office Renovation Services if your needs is beyond Office Partitioning. Call or email us for a No Obligation discussion on your needs today and we shall get back to you soonest!


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