Office Renovation

Why should you be bothered to do Office Interior Renovation?

As the saying goes “First impression last,” the first impression of your corporate office interior or office renovation usually remains in the mind of your business clients after they view your office for the first time. Thus, garnering good impressions is the first step to success, as it would be based on the perceptions of potential partners and whether they believe what they are seeing is extraordinary.

Office renovation & interior decoration is necessary especially when your office starts to show signs of wear and tear and you have to manage many repair works to rectify the problem before it gets worse. Do not underestimate the resource and cost involved in managing the repair and maintenance, it can be substantial and may make economical sense to do full or partial renovation on a periodic basis to stretch the value of your investments. 

Office renovation in Singapore, like the residential homes, usually add resale value especially if you own the industrial/commercial property. Potential buyers may share the same style or preference of your office theme and design and may be willing to pay more price for your property if they like the setup or ambience. With proper Office Renovation, it should be looking and display well in the property listing to entice the buyers. Therefore, it should be an investment and not expenses from the owner’s view or perspective.  

Below Picture shows one of the Completed Office Renovation Work we recently delivered.

Completed Office Renovation Image

What are the benefits of Office Renovation?

With a well design and done up Office Renovation, your office will portray a modern and successful image & perception for all the stakeholders such as the business partner, customer, suppliers and employees. You will get the following benefits and business values as a result.

  • Increase business opportunities or sales
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency
  • Promote business image and branding

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What is Office Renovation?

Office Renovation is an art about creating a new work spaces or environment that fits well with the business. It also helps reinvent and promote the company’s image. The concept is simple and straight forward, people or employees working in the office environment should feel comfortable and achieve a sense of homely belonging, which ultimately help to achieve productivity and meet company’s operations needs and objectives.

After Office interior design and Office space planning are completed, the execution of office renovation plan comes into play, and this is where it integrates cost, quality, contract and time management. Therefore, choosing the right Office Renovation Services and contractors is crucial to fully optimise your budget and resources.

Office furnishing & fittings such as wall painting or Office partition, floor, ceiling, air con system & equipment, electrical wring installation, right use of lighting products, custom made window curtains & accessories and how various office furniture (e.g. System Furniture, Cabinets, carpet, high/low office chairs, tables, doors) should fit are key elements & parts that contributes to a full functional office. The end product and creative design should create the distinct office themes or add on to the retail shop outlook you intend to project. 

There may also be a need to provide the documents and designs of the change to the building management or authorities such as the FSSD or BCA for approval of change as a pre-requisite before executing the Office renovation. For instance, some offices may have simple kitchen or pantry area which may require water proofing and safety considerations, it should be part of the integral office design, plan and submission. This is to be sure the change is legally compliant to avoid any legal liabilities. 

In summary, there are generally quite a number of factors or components in Office Renovation to take care of to achieve your business goals which is really not easy for someone without the knowledge and experience to manage the project. We strongly recommend our customer to seek help from the professionals to lower your risk of losing time, cost and resources on the office renovation projects.

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We ensure the best quality works are customized to your specifications and craftsmanship. Regardless of whether you are a pte ltd company or home office & living in a HDB, condo or private apartment/landed house, our team can visit you at your site to understand and discuss your list of requirements to ensure we are on the same page to start with. Our designers will find and adapt our solution to fit your own unique style and custom preferences.

We also supply & offer a wide complete range of top quality yet affordable Office furnitures & accessories that will go well with your office interior. Our office furnitures are fully made & direct from Malaysia factory and designed in accordance to international standards to give comfort, safety and durability. Our Office furnitures range from Office system furniture, Office conference or training table and desk, Ergonomic Office Chair which offers firm back support, to office cabinet for filing and storage. Customized Carpentry is also available. Click on our website, blog, facebook or Google+ to find out more & select our quality, safe and durable Office furnitures

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Below is an illustration of an Office conference room before & after Office renovation to demonstrate the Transformation! 

Do you like your Office to Transform as illustrated above?

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