Office Renovation Submission

What is FSSD or BCA Submission?

Before the commencement of any Office/Commercial/Retail Renovation works, it is a regulation in Singapore to apply for a Renovation permit from the building management, as well as other respective statutory authorities such as FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and BCA (Building and Construction Authority).

SCDF FSSD and BCA Submissions and Approvals from the authorities usually take time and if you are not familiar with the procedures, it may affect your Renovation schedules. In the worst-case scenario, if any Renovation works do not comply with the FSSD or BCA regulations and general guidelines, it is likely to generate more reworks which you will certainly incur more cost and time!


Office Documents for submission


Therefore, it is wiser to engage the professionals to help you design, plan, submission, and follow up with the FSSD and BCA authorities. They will ensure All forms, documents/information are fully and correctly completed upon submission to avoid rejection. This will in turn free up your valuable resource/time to focus on your business operations.


Let us help you to Reduce Your Overhead on FSSD & BCA Submissions

At Reno360, we have a team of experienced project managers/designs who are well versed in the FSSD & BCA Submission procedures, guidelines, and requirements.

We shall ensure all documents developed per guidelines to get successful approvals. We can certainly alleviate your logistical and administrative burden of these FSSD/BCA submissions to enable you to focus on your projects.

Engage us for your office Renovation service now and we could help you with these FSSD & BCA documents and submissions as one critical step to start your renovation works as soon as possible to meet your timeline/goals.


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