3 Room HDB Flat Renovation

3 Room HDB Flat Renovation in Singapore


Be Inspired by the new-age 3 room HDB Flats Interior design.

Try taking a walk around the old HDB estates in Singapore where 3 room flats are located, you will be surprised to notice that many 3 room HDB flats interiors nowadays are coming up with very innovative, comfortable, stylish and cosy interior space. Unlike the olden days where there are limited resources and design ideas, the layout and style are almost typical/original and similar for all 3 rooms HDB flats and uninteresting.

Most will think that how much can be done for a narrow space of a 3 room flats? Interior Design is all about creating space. In addition, a renovated house in Singapore, in any way will add value to your property to give high Return of Investment. The common question in mind for those new home owner or those undergo first time renovations usually ask “How much cost will be require for the renovation?” or “How can I create the space I dream for a small 3 room flats?”. Through engaging the right Renovation Contractor, you will get more (space) for less (money)!

There are many way to create your dream home, first step is to understand the basic needs & goals of a renovation and the concept you want for your dream home. With modern interior design concepts and techniques, area size and space of the house is no longer a constraint. Of course, having a budget in mind will certainly help the design and renovation experts to work better toward your ideal home.

Here’s an example of a HDB 3 room Renovation that we had recently delivered at Mei Ling Street.

3 Room HDB Flat Renovation at Mei Ling Street


Basic guide that helps you a step ahead to plan for your 3 Room HDB Renovation.

Here are some basic guide for you as a start before engaging a professional help.

  • Flooring and Tiling

There are many types of flooring you may choose from, depending on the usage and concept. The common type that we recommend for home usage are marble, granite, vinyl, ceramic, homogenous tiles, parquet and laminate flooring. Concrete screed flooring is a interesting and popular choice among young couples.

Different materials of flooring have different cost and maintenance. Therefore choosing the right one for the right area is important

  • Hacking of Walls

Hacking of existing wall during a renovation is common. This could be combining two rooms into one, to make space for a walk-in wardrobe, open up a larger space for an open kitchen concept.

A permit is required for hacking of certain walls and prior to approval from HDB before construction. Make sure you engage a HDB Licensed Contractor like us to do the job. This will be taken care by our submission specialist when you appoint us for the renovation work.

  • False Ceiling

A minimum clearance height of 2.4m from finished floor level is required for false ceiling installation i\n Singapore, Hence, false ceiling for HDB houses are mainly use for design purposes and to conceal wiring for recessed lighting.

  • Carpentry Work

Carpentry works is needed in most part of the house. From TV console to kitchen cabinet. However you may choose to get the loose furniture from the furniture retail instead of custom made. It all depends on your requirements and purpose. Keep in mind that a designed or custom-made furniture by the renovation specialist can provide a better touch and value to your living space. In most cases, loose furniture from different retail are unable to meet certain requirements.

  • Painting

Painting add on character and style to your home. Therefore selecting the right type of paint, colours and shade is important in this stage. With the help and suggestion from the design and renovation company, will sure benefits you.

  • Electrical Re-wiring

Wiring works include points for telephones, power points, lighting points, switch points and cable points. Careful planning on the socket points location base on your preference during the renovation period is very important. Most of the times, we have the power points install at the unnecessary location. Electrical re-wiring is strongly recommended especially for >30 years old 3 room HDB flats. 

  • Plumbing

The plumbing system in the home is an essential component for both toilet and kitchen area and it is very important to ensure the whole system is done correctly and professionally. By doing so, it can help to cut down water leakage problems in the near future. In addition, only a licensed plumbing contractor can carry out all plumbing works during a renovation. Therefore, getting a trusted renovation partner is important.


What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

Reno360 Singapore had delivered many HDB flat Renovation in Singapore. Our contractors are HDB Licensed who knows well the HDB rules and regulations. Upon comprehending your renovation requirements and goals, we shall follow up with a package that suits your budget and manage the cost within your affordability, without compromising quality.

So let our Reno360 Singapore design and renovation team assist you with the interior design & renovation to mould your 3 Room HDB flat into a cosy and stylish nest.


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