5 Room HDB/BTO Renovation

5 Room HDB/BTO Flat Renovation in Singapore

Do the Renovation Right at the Start to avoid Rework!

You’ve finally gotten the keys to your new HDB flat, along with the excitement, it is important to start to put some thought for your home renovation. Base on the current HDB rules and regulation, you will need to stay with it for at least a period of 5 years as minimum occupancy period, so making it right at the beginning of your home renovation is necessary. This will help you with the trouble and cost to carry out another re-modelling in 2 to 3 years later. So let our professional team helps you start off right at the beginning!

5 rooms flat renovation

A Bigger Space/Room for Designing

5 room HDB flats are bigger in the total floor area compare to 2 room, 3 room or 4 room HDB flats. It consists of a Dining room, Living room, Kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a storeroom and some of the design and layout may include a balcony. In addition, the master bedroom comes with an attached bathroom. Hence, a 5 room HDB flats can turn out impressive and cosy if the design and space planning is done correctly and properly.

As it has a bigger floor area, it implies more renovation cost may be involve. Therefore fixing an affordable and reasonable budget before you engage a renovation team is necessary. No matter how much your budget is, there’s always a way to put them to its best. Tell us about your dreams, preference and requirements and let our team work on the rest.


What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

Reno360 Singapore had delivered many HDB 5 room or BTO flat Renovation in Singapore. Our contractors are HDB Licensed who knows well the HDB rules and regulations. Upon understanding your renovation requirements and goals, we shall follow up with a comprehensive package that suits your budget and manage the cost within your affordability, without compromising quality and most importantly, your goals!

So let our Reno360 Singapore team assist you with the interior design & renovation to mould your HDB 5 Room or BTO flat into your dream home!


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