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Bungalow & Landed Property Painting in Singapore


Alternative to Bungalow or Landed Property Face-Lift – Painting!


Our houses need a bit of maintenance or facelift from time to time. Over the years, especially for landed property such as Bungalow, Terrace House, Semi-Detached House, the exterior surface goes through a lot of wear and tear due to constant rain and shine. Nothing gives the exterior of your house a fast and impressive face-lift other than a fresh coat of paint.

Damaged, crack, blister, and peeled paint are a signal that your house should be painted quickly to protect it. Painting the entire apartment seem expensive. However, putting off exterior painting is not an effective way to save costs. Your resale value will rise after the paint job; therefore, the cost is worth it after all.


Bungalow Painting Services Singapore


How to make your Bungalow or landed Property Exterior Paint Last


The list below shared some tips before you embark on the painting services/job for your bungalow or landed property. To keep your home’s new exterior paint from fading soon, some cost is necessary. So, think twice before you cut costs. 


  • Use a Primer

Primer acts as a base coat, it helps to smooth out any surface, improve paint adhesion, thus making the paint less prone to chipping, bubbling, or flaking. Unless your house’s old paint is still in acceptable good condition, it is advisable to use a primer beneath the color topcoats.


  • Use at least 2 coats of paint

Paint acts as a fence that protects your house from the weather. Any unpainted or exposed area will prone to damage, including weathering, rotting, or mildewing. Hence, to add as an extra layer of protection. It is best to apply two coats of finish paint rather than just one, after applying the primer coat.


  • Keep the exterior surface clean

Pressure wash acts as the maintenance that helps to wash away accumulated dirt or mildew that can make your paint look faded and discolored. it is best to plan for pressure wash your exterior wall around five years after the painting service.


It is advisable to have an experienced Bungalow/landed property painting service specialists evaluate your house so they can help you choose what paint is best for your exterior.

Professionals will know what paint suits your house best based on the condition of your house.


Our Bungalow & landed Property Painting Service Singapore Price Package


Check our list of Competitive Price Package for bungalows and different types of landed properties in Singapore. Duration of the Painting work generally takes 3-15 days depending on the size of bungalows and landed property.

Please contact us for details of the package, it is best for our painting specialist to schedule a site visit to provide a more accurate no-obligatory quote.

We used only the best-branded paints in the market such as ICI, Nippon, Jotun. 


ICI Dulux PaintJotun PaintNippon paint


We Are Just an eMail or Phone Call Away


Painting makes the best solution to upgrade your Bungalow or Landed house appearance! Equipped with the latest paint knowledge and technology, our team of painting professionals is your preferred choice for Bungalow & Landed House Painting Services. We also cover different property types such as Condominiums and all types of HDB flats!

Reno360 Singapore is here to help you with the bungalow/landed property painting service. Drop us an email and we will arrange for our veteran painter who will be your one-stop contact, to assist you with a No-obligation quotation.

We shall meet and discuss with you to understand your painting requirements and follow up with a package that suits your budget and manage the cost within your affordability, with no compromise in quality.

We shall assign a veteran painter who will be your ONE contact for you to carry out your home painting assignment. Colour Your Home, Colour Your World! Contact us now!


Call 98784758 For Affordable Bungalow or Landed House Painting Service  

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