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Condo Painting Services in Singapore


Maintaining the interior of your Condo home is Essential


Executive Condominiums & Private Condominiums are in demand as more Singaporeans are moving towards a better and higher lifestyle. Maintaining the interior of your Condo home is basic to ensure that the value of your condominium remains, or even increases.

By engaging a professional Condo painting service company in Singapore, you can be assured of a refreshing feel of your home and most importantly, it enhances your investment well worth and add its value.

If you have just bought a resale Executive/Private condo unit, it is essential to get it repainted to start fresh! You and your family will be amazed at how relaxed you’ll experience after our professionals paint up the walls of your home.

Home is where we gather with our family and friends, get fresh and customize your condo from our complete range of paint & colour. If you do not like the smell of paint, a choice of odourless paint can be customized to your needs.

If your Condo unit is for rental investment, it is mostly required that the unit gets a new paint finishing to entice the new tenants to pay for a higher rental rates. Check our budget package in the pricing table below to lower your cost & maximise your profits!


Condo Painting Services Singapore


Condo Painting Decision Tips


The list below shared some tips before you embark on the painting job for your condo.


  • Think about how you want the room to feel

Keep in mind that you will be staying in the space for as long as you will possibly can. Hence, be sure that the selected wall paint colour and texture is something that you feel comfortable and pleased with.

Colour plays a leading role in how space feels. For example, do you want your room to feel light and airy? Or do you want the room to feel intimate and warm? Choose light tones for an airy feel and consider deep tones for a warmer touch. 


  • Refrain from extremes

Even if vibrant colour is your favourite, you might need to reconsider choosing these extreme colour when it comes to painting the walls of your home.

You probably want a guest to feel comfortable and not anxious when they visit you. It is best to consider the kind of mood you want to set, this will help you with the choice of paint colour to select.


  • Consider the room’s light

When deciding on paint colour, pay attention to the natural light direction. Do you get morning sun or evening sun? Choosing a very vibrant colour won’t be suitable if your room is full of natural light.

You should pick a colour that complements the natural light. The type of light fixtures also plays a critical role in your colour selection. Different lighting arrangements will display colours differently, so it’s important that you consider such factors before picking a colour.


Our Condo Painting Service Price Package


Call and Check our Competitive Condo painting service Singapore Price Package below for the different types of Executive or Private Condo sizes.

Duration of the Painting work generally takes 2-5 days depending on the size of the condo/apartment.


 Condo Painting Service Package Price


The above Standard Package includes the following:

1 Coat Oil Sealer, 2 Coats Paint

Number of Wall Colour Choice as follows:


<490 Sqft 2 Colour
491 -850 Sqft 2 Colour
851-1050sqft 3 Colour
1051-1250 soft 3 Colour
1251 -1450 Sqft 3 Colour
1451 -1600 sqft 4 Colour


Please contact us for details, it is best for our painting specialist to schedule a site visit to provide a more accurate no-obligatory quote.

We use only the best-branded paint in the market such as Nippon. 


Nippon paint


Our Advice on Condo Painting


A last piece of advice is not to over analyse. There are so many colour options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Remember, our team of condo painting professionals is equipped with the latest paint knowledge and technology, they are just an email or phone call away!

We shall meet and discuss with you to understand your painting requirements and follow up with a package that suits your budget and manage the cost within your affordability, with no compromise in quality.

Let our Reno360 Singapore team assist you with the Condo Painting Service in Singapore! We also cover different property types such as Bungalows/Landed Property and all types of HDB flats!

We shall assign a veteran painter who will be your ONE contact for you to carry out your home painting assignment. Colour Your Home, Colour Your World! Contact us now!


Call 98784758 For Affordable Condo Painting Service in Singapore  

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