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Create Family Bonding with your Dream Kitchen!

The kitchen is the heart of the home which makes Kitchen Renovation works an important task among the home decor. It should not be a place just for cooking, instead of a place where family gather, entertain, and create bonding! It is also a place where the host displays their culinary skills.

In Singapore, with today’s busy schedules where most people prefer privacy and spend the most time in their bedroom, the only time the family gets together is often during mealtime where they share and communicate with each other their well beings, activities, and interest. Hence, a perfect Kitchen Renovation that suits our lifestyle is very important

Here’s a picture of a Kitchen Renovation for an HDB 3 room flat at Mei Ling Street which we had delivered.


Kitchen Renovation Singapore


A functional and well planned private and personalized kitchen is necessary for every house. Signs of family cohesion are usually observed in a well designed & renovated kitchen where it encourages family members to make time to come together to prepare their meals and show off their culinary skills to create bonding.

Toilet or bathroom usually reside near the kitchen, therefore layout planning and space use is important to ensure minimum obstructions to access between the toilet or bathroom and the use of the kitchen. You may want to read more information and details on toilet & bathroom renovation to align with the kitchen renovation to deliver a complete and integrated experience.

With the help of our interior design services, creating a perfect kitchen to your style & preferences will no longer be a dream! A well-designed and impressive kitchen is like an art piece in a gallery that

catches attention and may also contribute to the resale value of the property! Our designers are able to guide you along to find the best design ideas and cost package that suit your residential profile, lifestyle & budget. Get ready for a great looking perfect kitchen of your own!


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Here are some design checklist, advice, or tips to consider before you start planning your Kitchen Renovation project:


Function Know Your lifestyle, it determines how the kitchen should work for you (e.g. ask yourself questions like Do you dine in the kitchen? Do you do heavy or light cooking?)
Interaction An open kitchen concept allows people to gather and communicate. You will not be isolated when preparing food or getting help.
Safety Safety is important here! For example, anti-slip floor tiles are preferred since kitchen flooring may often be greasy or wet. Install a custom made worktop that suits your height to prevent accidents. Power supply point locations and electrical wirings should be safe and secured. 
Storage Quality custom build carpentry cabinet creates rooms and spaces to give you a neat and tidy Kitchen.
Style Choose your design themes like contemporary, minimalist, basic, etc, your kitchen should be about you and it can be designed for your style. e.g. Buy the right Products like hob and hood which should be fit well in your overall design theme. 
Appliances & Furniture List down the type of kitchen appliances and furniture (tables, chairs if any) that will be available. Work with the interior designer on how best to integrate them in your theme (e.g. to house oven & refrigerator in the cabinets, color matching etc)
Materials The materials (e.g. Floor or wall tiles, Wood Laminate, Glass, Handles, accessories etc) or product needs to be carefully chosen to align with budget and theme and pleasant to view.
Plumbing & Piping Ensure the water and gas pipes are positioned and layout safe and well. While it is nice to conceal them, making it accessible for checking for issues will certainly help. 


What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

Regardless of whether you are staying in an HDB flat, apartment, Condo, landed house, office, commercial property, or how big is your kitchen area or with a high ceiling? Full or partial kitchen reno? If you are ready to remodel or renovate a new kitchen but not sure where to start; Search & look no further, contact Reno360 Singapore. 

Reno360 is a Singapore-registered Pte ltd company that offers great design ideas, competitive prices & a comprehensive kitchen renovation package. Our men or contractors are all experienced, skilled, ready, and set to take on the challenge to work towards delivering your dream kitchen!

Let our professional contractor handle the project for you to plan, manage the time, schedule, and cost end to end, minimizing any disruptions and inconvenience for the people living on the property. 

We differentiate from other companies in the area where we believe in service excellence to provide the best top quality workmanship & latest product, reliable and responsible service, and post-sales support for all our customers! Contact or email us your inquiry today to have a discussion to explore packages with the best price and design ideas that work for you!


Call 98784758, Get Quote for Your Dream Kitchen!

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    “Reno360 had done a great job in renovating our apartment at The Peak. We were clueless initially as to what theme, colour scheme and design for our home. They comprehended our lifestyle and delivered the design & renovation based on our preferences and budget. They exceeded our expectations in building the safety aspects in the interior design for our 3 years old boy which we would have simply overlooked!”

    — Ms Esther Lim, The Peak @ Toa Payoh

    “Our retail stall renovation had gone very well with Reno360 Singapore Service. They were friendly, approachable, patient and opened to our suggestions & feedbacks. The overall execution was done perfectly and flawlessly. We will certainly come back to them again if there are more retail outlets to be setup in the island”

    — Mr Shafiq, Doughs of Crepes @ Cineslesure Orchard


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