Painting Services In Singapore

Painting Services in Singapore


Alternative Ways To Refresh Your Homes


Planning to revamp or giving your home a brand-new look yet having a budget constraint? Yes, just by painting your house is another more affordable way to fill your home with a fresh look and style.

It is much easier and cheaper than renovating the entire unit. Painting is one effective method used for home improvement.

Tempted to carry out the painting yourself?

Think twice! Painting is not a job that can be completed within a day, it is a tedious job that needs skills, proper tools and equipment. Hence hiring professional house painting services is a wise decision that leads to successful painted home.


Home Painting Services Singapore


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painters


Here are some benefits of hiring a professional painting service company to deliver the painting services in Singapore.


  • Time-Saving

Due to our busy schedule, nowadays most of the house owners do not have enough time to DIY the painting work. Painting the house requires a lot of time and effort as it must be primed and several coats of paint are required.

For older houses, the walls may need a touch up with spalling concretes and crack which can be quite an effort to patch up.

To ensure the job gets done right and efficient, professional help is always the best choice to take the pressure & stress off the family.


  • Avoid Burnout

Painting is taxing and it needs a lot of physical effort. Body aches and mental stress can be minimized if we get the professional painter to take over the job.

It can also be frustrating when you underestimate the amount of paint required and run out of paint halfway through the work.


  • Cost Savings

Painting has its own secrets and tricks. Getting the right amount of paint also helps to prevent wastage. Professional painters are trained and experience to estimate the right amount of paint base on the size and layout of the house.

They know the faster and effective way to get the job done and produce a good quality of work at an optimal cost.

If you DIY yourself, there is likelihood that you may end up storing more paint if you overestimate the usage.


  • Resale Gimmick

Get the house splash with new paints not only help raise the resale value of your unit, it also helps to hide permanent ugly marks and stains. Most importantly, it provides positive energy to attract potential buyers for your house.


What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?


Reno360 Singapore has a team of experienced painters. They could discuss, help you with the type and choice of paint that suit your needs. We cover different property types such as Bungalows, Semi D, Terrace Houses, Condominiums and all types of HDB flats!

We shall assign a veteran painter who will be your ONE contact for you to carry out your home painting services in Singapore. Colour Your Home, Colour Your World! Contact us now!


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