Terrace Design & Renovation

Terrace Design & Renovation


What is your dream Terrace home? Close your eyes and picture it…… you’re thinking about what it looks like but are not sure the way to transform it. You may show photos out of magazines of styles and design that you love, we can help you achieve it.

Most renovation budget overruns are the result of poor planning. Changing the design halfway through is the common problem you will face if you are not trained in this field. We strongly recommend our customer to seek help from professionals to lower your risk of losing time, cost, and resources on the renovation.


 Terrace Design Singapore


List to consider before you start your Terrace Renovation


  • Existing Problems – List down the problems you need to address, such as water leakage, falling concrete, lack of storage, or lack of lighting…..
  • New achievements – List down the new and additional features you want to achieve. Do you require a dry kitchen if you do not have one now or a built-in aquarium? Remember to prioritize your list.
  • The extend of work – How much renovation works you want to carry out. The entire terrace or only the kitchen or bedrooms need to remodel. This may include the list of existing items to keep and discard.
  • Fix a budget – Work on your finance and fixed a renovation budget. Make sure that you set aside at least an extra 20% for those variation works or unforeseen issues that will spring up during the renovation period.
  • Accommodation during the renovation period – Depending on the scope of the renovation, you may need to move out especially if you are planning for a major renovation.
  • Renovation Schedule – The possible date you plan to start the renovation.


Let Reno360 Singapore helps you transform your dream Terrace into reality.

Whether you are engaging services for Terrace house design, Semi-detached  or a Bungalow renovation, contact or email us for all inquiry relating to residential renovation,

So let our Reno360 Singapore Professional design and renovation team assist you with the interior design & renovation to transform your Terrace house into a cozy and stylish nest!


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