Digital Signage For Retail/Office

Fast & Furious Adoption of Digital Signage 

Traditional print signs have been used by businesses in all different types of industries to market their goods or services. A mainstay of the real estate industry, you can still find signage all over the world thanks to its attention-getting message, immediate notification, and high visibility.

However, the dominance of traditional print signs is quickly being challenged by digital signage that offers the same benefits and even more advantages.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage Screen ShotThis is very similar to traditional print signs in how they are used, but the difference is that the sign itself is essentially a digital screen much like you see on computers or laptops. The high definition screen means that the message is delivered in bold, sharp colors that provides a powerful means of advertising your products or services.

This means that the big difference is that instead of a print sign that will need to be physically replaced, the digital signage can be changed remotely so that no physical change is necessary. This is just one of the many advantages that digital signage brings to your business or organization.

Competitive Advantages of Digital Signage

There are a number of benefits that this form of advertising brings, particularly to those on a budget or those who have changing products, services, or events that they need to advertise on a regular basis.

Cost Saving: No More Printing is required and you can have maximum return on space as multiple ads can run on same display. 

Better Content Creation: Now you can create new content quickly and with more versatility than what is possible with traditional print signs. You can have moving backgrounds, changing color schemes, and even limited video when it comes to this form of advertising that really makes your business stand out and captivate your customers. With our Digital Signage solution, You can schedule different time for different ads and change the content any time you want, remotely.

Combine Different Media: You can combine images, video, and audio easily and quickly using this system. So, you can actually pull content together from different sources and create a unique advertisement that is unlike what anyone else presents.

Touch Screen Interactivity: Do you want to change your current advertisement on digital signage to something else because of the day, weather conditions, or to new conditions within your business? If so, it is all just one touch away thanks to the interactive screen. You can be bold and create an entirely new message if you desire all within a few minutes to take advantage of new events.

Through this form of advertising, you will also get new ideas of just what type of images, video, and audio you can present in order to get people’s attention and increase your customer base. Today, so many people are now experiencing digital signage and the effect it is having is quite astounding.

In the end, digital signage offers your business an entirely new way to reach your customers.

Let Reno360 Singapore & Partner Install Digital Signage to Grow Your Business!

As you plan your Retail Shop or Office Renovation, you may wish to look into digital Signage as a long term investment to boost your business or impress your clients/partners. It is an effective media/platform to deliver your company or product information to your customer who visited your shop or offices. 

We work with Reliable & Reputable partners who had been in the industry for many years and they provide Cost-Effective, Convenient and Advanced digital signage to grow your business with these product features:                                                                      

  • Cloud based digital signage solution
  • Full Wireless Solutions, no network cabling or wiring required!
  • Allows remotely update of contents
  • Supports multiple screens at one layout
  • Supports streaming, RSS, and weather forecast
  • Highly user friendly and customisable base on nature of business. User can easily create their own layout
  • Real time monitoring of the status of ALL remote location Digital Signage
  • Quick Synchronisation of Contents to the remote Digital Signage via Internet
  • Can work standalone even if internet connection is not available

Clouse base digital signage

Coupled with the Excellent After Sales and Technical Support, we are here to assure you peace of mind with our Digital Signage Solution. 

If you are interested in expanding your marketing efforts, call today to find out more about our digital signage solutions & service to see just how effective it can be for you to grow your sales!


Call 98784758, Grow Your Sales With Digital Signage!

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