Retail Space Planning

Optimise your Retail Store or Shop Space to save Cost and Enhance Customer Experience

Cramped, Cluttered and disorganised store space can lead to a bad shopping experience and turn off customers. Hence Retail Space Planning is the first step to help your business grow and scale!

How Retail Space Planning can help in Growing your Business?

Retail Shop SpaceRegardless the size of your retail shop or store, a good retail space planning with well-planned retail shop or store space layout allows the retailer to maximize their space on merchandise displays that capture the consumer’s eyes.

Good circular paths and sign-age too allow customers to enjoy their shopping comfortably and feel relaxed, which eventually results in sales revenue increase.

In addition, colour scheme, design and themes must be cohesive and fit perfectly with the business branding to make your customer who patronise to remember your store with lasting impression.

Let Reno360 Singapore Innovate with You!

Whether you are planning for a new shop or store outlet, relocation of your shop/store or giving your outlet a new look/facelift, Reno360 Singapore has the capability to help you create or remodel your retail shop or store that gives a great shopping experience to your customers.

Most importantly, our Retail Space Planning consultancy services are complimentary when you engage our renovation service. Our interior designer or specialist shall perform a site visit to understand your setup and requirements before they share with you a comprehensive proposal on the planning the retail space effectively! 


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